What We Do

Adams County Communities for Kids has a mission for all early childhood partners to come together to explore, enhance, and improve childcare and educational programs in our county.

Our dream for Adams County Communities for Kids is to provide every child with access and affordable childcare. Our dream is to be a resource for the community and all organizations that are involved in the early childhood world. Our dream is to be a leader of change in our local and state government and be a voice for the smallest members of our community, bringing value and esteem to the early childhood world.

Early Childhood Community Coordinator

Wendy Gwenapp
Wendy GwenappEarly Childhood Community Coordinator
Wendy Gwennap has just taken on the role of the Early Childhood Community Coordinator for Adams County. She has a true passion to address the quality and capacity needs of children in child care in Adams Co as well as the management of the Early Learning Scholarship project and a Spanish Speaking Bi-lingual Provider project. Her background in Early Childhood Education and her experience as a mom gives her a passion and understanding of the need for Quality Care in our community.

Our Committee

Our Communities for Kids Team is made up of individuals from all kinds of community organizations. The goal of Communities for Kids is to bring these programs together to use the resources in collaboration, benefiting Adams County with a wealth of resources.

Our Work

Our work is divided into three grants. Each grant has a sub-committee to oversee that work.

About C4K  –    Adams County

Cost and Affordability in Childcare

Early Childhood Quality Enhancement and Capacity Building

Spanish Speaking/Bilingual Child Care Support Initiative