The YWCA Adams County improves the economic self-sufficiency of women and families in Adams, Clay, Webster and Nuckolls counties by providing multiple education programs and opportunities. The programs the YWCA offers include a free after-school program for middle and high school youth, Girls In Action, summer lunch program, dinner program on Tuesday and Thursday nights, School of Dance, youth outreach and education programs, career closet, resume assistance and a myriad of educational and diversity opportunities for women of all ages, creed, economic and social status.

A YWCA Success-

Carrie came in to work with Katie about struggling with finances.  She was referred to the Career Closet and Power for Employment for resume help.  She wore her new shirt and shoes to her appointment with me the next day.  She was quiet and unsure as we began our conversation.  As she got more comfortable, she opened up and shared additional details.  We discussed the
possibility of her GED and her eyes lit up.  When she mentioned running short on food, she was able to get commodities and was gracious and grateful for feeding 3 teens and a husband that works long hours.  We discussed her learning disability as well as two of her children.  We talked about utilizing Vocational Rehabilitation for her disability and finding housekeeping employment.  I am working with my HR group to look for housekeeping positions as well.  She was thankful for the clothing and told me it made her feel better and “motivated”.  As she was leaving, she talked about some previous counseling and it ended up being the counselor in our basement so she was able to take the phone number and work make contact with someone she and her husband already trusted.  Can’t wait to see the things that come together for her.

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