Foster grandparents, a program under the United Way partner agency Senior Action, which provides meaningful volunteer opportunities with programs and services in the community that enhance people’s quality of life, lends a hand and a heart at local elementary schools in Adams County. Foster Grandparents serve up to 40 hours per week. Some volunteers may qualify to earn a tax-free, hourly stipend. With Foster Grandparents, you’ll receive pre-service orientation, training from the organization where you serve, and supplemental accident and liability insurance while on duty.
Here are some testimonials from local Kindergarten teachers who have the pleasure of serving with some of Senior Action’s volunteers;

Kathy is a wonderful volunteer. It is very evident that she cares about all of the students in my class. She is very soft spoken and nurturing. She wants the students to succeed and is award of the progress they are making. She sees to all of their needs and wants them to be responsible and works daily to make them successful. She checks to see if they have their eyeglasses, their folders and papers, library books are returned, and helping students with academics. We are blessed to have Kathy.
– Adams County Elementary Teacher


Our Foster Grandparent is an excellent volunteer. She is very good at helping assess who needs help and when. She is very good with the age group of students assigned. She listens to their stories, helps them with their academics, and assists them when they are struggling to make good choices. She is great at letting the students know they are important and loved. When Kathy is not here, the students notice. They have built a relationship with one another. I am lucky to have her in the classroom. More importantly, my students are lucky to have her.
– Local Kindergarten Teacher


If you would like to get involved with Senior Action, Inc. visit their website to here for contact information.

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