Bob Johnson is 90 years old and still wanted to contribute to and make a difference in our community. He thought helping students at the Hastings Literacy Program would be a good fit for him. He enjoys working individually with students. He has worked with a number of students in various areas ranging from math to reading to writing and grammar. He is willing to accept any challenge we have thrown at him and insists on being actively engaged while he is here. We had a recently retired student, Rob Rollins, come to us wanting to learn to read better.  We paired Bob and Rob up to work on his reading for 2-3 hours for two days a week.  Being older gentlemen, they just seemed to click and worked well together for about two months until Rob had to leave for some medical treatment. Rob’s wife called our teachers to tell them that he now reads more on his own (anything he can find lying around like newspapers, magazines, restaurant menus, etc.) in an effort to continue this growth.  His wife said he now often insists on reading the restaurant menus cover to cover before he is ready to place an order for his meal. He feels very good about his experience at the Hastings Literacy Program and hopes to work again with Bob when he completes his medical treatment.


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  1. Sue Hohner August 2, 2022 at 11:35 pm - Reply

    I think I would like to volunteer. My background in Science. Although my teaching certificate has lapsed. I was a science teacher for nine years. I have a strong math background and have a love of reading and learning. I would be interested in finding out what volunteer activities I could involve myself in that would benefit your organization.

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