A couple of success stories from one of our funded programs:

Juvenile Intensive Outpatient Success Stories


18 year old female wrote:

What I got out of this Juvenile Intensive Outpatient program is the fact that I didn’t realize I had a problem with drinking but then realized I did. I like this program a lot because I’ve met people that I didn’t like before and I’ve gotten to know them. This program makes me motivated to keep sober and clean because we go to NA meetings and I understand how happy others are staying clean. I’ve learned a lot about what drugs do to you and that alcohol is also a drug.  This program helped me to stay clean. I wanted to look forward to graduating Juvenile Intensive Outpatient so I didn’t want to use and then not graduate.  I did relapse once and I realized that it wasn’t worth doing six more weeks of aftercare, but I’ve learned from my consequences.

I like the fact that Jonathan our counselor wants the best for all of us and wants us all to not use. I love how he tries to get us to stop smoking cigarettes. Jonathan taught me that God really is answering my prayers when I thought he wasn’t. I’ve asked God to help me quit smoking and drinking and doing bad things and he made me realize that he put me in Juvenile Intensive Outpatient to overcome all these obstacles. This program can change the way a person thinks. We also get to talk about anger and how to apply for jobs and to save money. This program can change a person’s life. I like that they make us go to NA meetings to hear others stories and it helps a lot with the way you think.


16 year old female wrote:


I have really enjoyed this class. It has helped me to say no to drugs and to also stay clean. I really enjoy going to the NA meeting and I plan to continue going to them. I’ve learned a lot about what is addiction in this class.  I really like watching the movies/videos about drug use. Overall I just feel like this class was very helpful to me.





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