Hastings Respite Care is designed to provide short term relief to parents or families of persons with special needs such as mental issues, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, as well as the chronically ill and the elderly.  The aim of this program is to prevent parent or family burnout and to provide support during periods of stress or crisis.
A story from volunteer:
Joann had experienced caring for loved ones in her own family over the years and knew first hand the importance
of having some time to still care for herself.  After her care-giving journey was over, she decided that she would like to
help others struggling to care for loved ones with special needs.
     She attended the 2016, Hastings Respite Care Provider Training, and became a provider in March.  Currently
Joann is working with 3 families, in our area, who she has come to love and look forward to seeing each week.
     She says that one of her biggest challenges has been working with a family who is struggling with Alzheimer’s.
“I searched long and hard to find something we both enjoy and that she can still do.  It was to sing!”  Their
favorite song to sing together is “Jesus Loves Me”.  They sing it over and over throughout the day.  “She
also loves me to read nursery rhymes”.  She reports that it can be quite challenging, but that she feels such joy
in helping this family stay together as long as they possibly can.
You can find out how to volunteer with Hastings Respite Care here.

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